OneControl operates at the intersection of business, technology, public places ranging from offices and schools to medical care, from restaurants to convenient stores, at banks as well as cinema halls and various other multiplexes. With our design and human-centric experiences, we strive to deliver excellence to our clients to create modern, end-to-end digital experiences.

OneControl enhances the quality of life by providing intelligent lighting control that are more individualized, unlocking new business value every step of the way by conserving electrical energy using timers and efficient energy monitoring system. Our subsequent platforms help businesses manage millions of interactions every day for the people they serve.

Features & Benefits

Commercial Receiver

Our dedicated team of researchers and engineers have developed commercial receivers specially designed with 4 and 8 Node modular handles up to 25 Amps. These are also functional with connectors constituted for absorbing higher loads.

Reduce Power Bill

Adjusting proper timers with a user-friendly interface further helps to curb power usage to the minimum eliminating unwanted power usage

Cinema Shows

Smart Office is designed to facilitate a platform for creating and running shows. It systematically operates the number of compressors based on the tickets sold for the specific shows

Extensive Reports

Take a thorough and in-depth glance with our reports highlighting the usage of power at daily, weekly and annual intervals. Avail both graphical and tabular reports respectively

Technical Support

Covers onsite training post installation, any installation repairs, and availing warranties in case of replacement due to unforeseen damage or defects


As additional support, we Monitor – Alert – Attend any supervisory services in case of emergencies such as burglary, fire breakouts and breach on residential alarm systems

Personal Assistance

Collecting product feedback, customer satisfaction, informing on upgrades/updates and support for questions/queries

Help Desk

We provide services that assist our customers with product and software updates as well as scheduled maintenance. Help desk is operational 24X7

Periodic Surveys

We perform and monitor the health status and usage statistics of our products through periodic surveys with customer cooperation for gaining in-depth insights and solutions to businesses